Sunday, May 21, 2006

Missing You Already...

I've recently (ok more than just recently) have been thinking about this past year and all the things that have happend to get us to were we are now. It's been hard but at the same time rewarding. It's been long but at the same time has gone so fast. I don't know what next year is going to bring or what's going to happen but I do know that it's going to be very different.

I want all of those graduating next week (yeah, wow, next week) how much I appreaciate each and every one of you. We've had our good times and our bad. I know I've probably added to some of the problems but I hope I helped too. Their isn't a way to say everything I need to say to each one of you because you all have been such a important part in my life. You each have brought a little something new into my life and for that I thank you. I don't want to be copying Jessy but this is the only way I could think to thank you each one of you.

Mette- I don't even know where to start. I don't think I've really had such a close friend since like 5th grade. I'll always remember the things we used to do. Oh man, way too many to list. I am always so happy to see you and you always made me laugh. I'm sorry things have changed so much lately though. I wish they didn't but I guess that's just us growing up. But thanks for the advise and the longs talks. You've helped me in so many ways. I love you sooooo much.

Sousa- Ok. Well first I just have to say thank you. You've always been there for me and it's been a great year. When me, you and Mette used to hung out it was probably some of the happiest times of my life. Especially our long talks. You always cheer me up even when you probably don't know it. And I have to say one of the best nights ever was our adventure with Tasha. Thanks for all the laughs and fun times. Love ya.

Tasha- Dude... Ok you have been one of the funniest people to hang out with ever. I have had so many laughs with you along with adventures (see Sousa's message). We also got to see some of the best plays with eachother (Ahh Macbeth)... You've also introduced me to some of the greatest musicals ever written like Moulin Rouge... Thank you for everything. I love you.

Cathy- Oh buddy. You are so sweet. You always make me smile with the little things you say. I love your hugs and your smile. Yay for our happy times and our laughs. And for our latest girls night (nothings better than ice cream and musicals). Oh man I love you.

Chris- I'm sorry we didn't really get to know eachother very well but I have to say that your a really great guy. And the times we have hung out you are a way fun person. Thanks for not actually killing me.

Asay- Yeah I'm also sorry for not knowing you that much. We haven't hung out that much but working in shows with you has been a fun experience. Thanks for all that you have done.

Chase- We've had some fun times. You've also taught me a lot. Especially last year with one acts. Thank you for everthing. And thanks for the sandwitches. I'm really going to miss them. And you. Don't worry.

Bench- Your such a great guy. It's been fun getting to know you better. It's been a rough year and lots of stuff has happend but it's finally over. Yay. Thanks for the everything.

Ok for all the rest of you I just want to say that I love you. I will miss you guys so much. I hope for all of you we can keep in touch because you are all wonderful people and have helped change my life in so many ways. Yay for finishing school and congradulations on graduating each and everyone one of you. You made it so far and I hope that you all get all that you hope for and want. Good luck. Or break a leg. Whatever.


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