Sunday, July 31, 2005

So Yah...

I love you guys... I really didn't have much to talk about. But today, I had a cool lesson and it made me think... Do I tell you guys enough how much I appreciate you guys? And also how much I love you? Well if you don't hear it enough, I'm sorry. And I also wanted your opinions on this....

What is your absolute favorite scenes from the following movies? This can include scenes that move you, make you want to be better, awesome scenes, cool fighting scenes, or just plain "That was the best scene ever" scenes...

Harry Potter 1-3
Lord of the Rings 1-3
Star Wars 1-6
Back to the Future 1-3
Indiana Jones 1-3
and any other scenes from your favorite movies. I need these A.S.A.P

I love you guys and thanks for all your help

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How Precious Life Is...

I was thinking this afternoon about all the people I know or my sister knows and about all the horrible things that has been happening.

Ok so just recently I have had 2 friends get in car accidents. It's been pretty traumatic for me, but imagine how it's been for them... My first friend, Chelsea was just changing a c.d. and because she has crappy steering she crashed into a car. She's ok but it's still a scary thing.

My other friend, Holly just got in one on Thursday. She was driving with her sister when some guy who was making a left turn drove right in front of them. He was in a SUV and was completely fine. Whereas Holly and her sister were in a little 5 seater car and were both taken to the hospital. They were fine but they had to have several x-rays and examined. Holly ended up with minor neck problems and a whole bunch of bruises.

My sister has a friend who now found out has cancer. I don't know much more than that but isn't that enough to know? And lastly my sister also has a friend who was driving with some friends and the steering wheel just fell off. They drove into a lake or something and she is now in a coma.

How often do we take life for granted? How often do we think, "I'll tell them I love them tomorrow?" Mabey you wont be here tomorrow... So always give hugs. Always make the most of life. And always tell people you love them...It may be your last. One of my favorite quotes is Work like you don't need money, Sing like no one's listening, Love like you've never been hurt, Dance like no one's watching, and Live as if everyday were your last.

I'm not saying this to scare you guys but just remember it. And as for taking my own advice...

Jessy- You always make me laugh. I love working with you, because you make it bearable. And you always laugh at my dumb jokes. I love you.

Tasha- Your awesome! You can always come with something to do even when their is nothing to do. I love you.

Lisa- Your so sweet. I can spend hours talking and you'll listen to every word. We still need to go climb that pole. I love you.

Priscilla- Priscilla, you are so cool. Even though I'm totally crazy sometimes you just laugh a go along with it. I love you.

Jenesse- Even though I didn't get to know you very well this year, you are the cutest girl ever. I loved hanging out with you when I could. I love you.

Brittany- Your so funny. Shakespeare was a blast having you sit in front of me. I could always go in there and know I was going to laugh when I saw you. I love you.

Emily- Your so adorable. I love talking with you and hanging out because in a way your just like me. I love you.

And as for all the guys that I know, I love you too. I don't you all that well but I love hanging out with you... And you've given me so much to look forward to this coming school year.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

What are you doing with your life?

Ok so lately my parents have wanted me to get a car right? We found the perfect one. It's a good car, nice interior, and as inexpensive as you can get for a used car. Only one problem...

Now my dad wants to be fair with my older sister. She has only recently gotten a car. It was from my grandma but it's still a really nice car. But she got mad at me and my sister because we are going to get a car and my parents are paying for most of it. She says she doesn't have enough money for a new car.

Ok enough with the venting.... So while she was talking to my parents about her life and what she wants to do with it, I got to thinking. My older sister is 24 almost 25 and still lives at home. She works at Walmart in the toy section part time and has recently taken on another part time job at Wasatch (the same place I work). She spends all her time and money on Disney movies, Disney pins, Disney memorabilia, Disney chatrooms, and you guessed it trips to Disneyland.

So looking at her life I got to thinking... Do I want to work at Walmart at age 24, spending time and money on crap and hoping that when I finally finish school I will work at Disneyland... Please everyone don't end up like that. Go finish school as fast as possible get married and have kids if you want to... (Sousa I think you would really make a cute dad) But don't end up a lonely spinster.

Ok this blog was more of a venting blog but I needed it... Thanks for listening. Hope you are all having a fun summer. I love you bye.