Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Getting eaten by mosquito's is not fun...

So last night a bunch of us went to the lake. I had never been to that particular spot at the lake and I don't ever want to go back unless I have bug spray. It was lots of fun except for the mosquito's... They sucked. We were trying to keep the bugs off so we kept hitting each other.

Jessy said it was one of the only times she could hit Sousa without getting hit back. I only got bit a few times but I think the winner was Sousa with like 2 dozen. I guess we weren't very good at keeping them off of him. I had lots of fun. And thanks sooo much to Lisa for being the chauffeur. But I think it will be a while until we go back to the lake again without protection or weaponry.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Regina, you're wearing sweatpants. It's Monday.

Gretchen Weiner

If you tell the truth, will you still have friends?

At work today (well it was a sort of training meeting) we watched a movie about kids with ADHD. The guy on the movie said that kids always say what's on there mind. He then asked the question "what would happen if we said everything that was on our minds?" "Would we have any friends left?" "Would anyone still talk to us?"
And that made me think. How many friends would I really have? How many true friends do you and I really have? Why do our friends ask us to tell them the whole truth, but when we do, they get mad at us? If I told the truth, would you guys ever talk to me again?
It's like in Liar Liar. It only shows a little bit of what it would be like if you always told the truth. It hurts people. Is it better to keep quiet? To never tell anyone the whole truth?
I really don't know. Mabey it's a good thing to keep quiet and mabey it's not. Mabey we will never know.

Quote of the Day: Isobel was, um... aggressively sexy.
Oh, great. Possessed by an evil slut.

First Blog

This is my first blog. Kinda suck but oh well...she'll post better stuff later on...she meaning me...Marisa....yes...