Saturday, September 24, 2005

Loving you guys...

Can I just say right now I love you guys. Like these past 5 weeks of school have been hard and long but I've survived them because of you. When you see me in the halls and you say hi, or give me big hugs, or tell me you love me, means soo much to me. I don't think you will ever quite know. When my sister is being a jerk or school work is over bearning I live for the time when I can see you guys.

And I want to say that I love being in Beast and Shakepeare Competition. I love that were going down to Ceder City over my birthday because there is nothing better than being with the people I love and doing what I love over your birthday.

And finally I love that we are all family. I love saying that people are my family, especilly Emily because we are both drama sisters and tea cup sisters. And I love Rolo our drama kitty because she is soo cute. I love you guys soo much, you mean so much to me and you play such a huge part in my life. Keep on smiling and thanks again. LOVES AND HUGS. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Choices and Consequences...

Just recently I found out my cousin is pregnant. She's 19 and isn't married. I grew up with her and her little sister is like one of my best friends. It's been a hard time because I always thought she was the type of girl that would go to college, meet a nice boy, get married, and then have kids... It kinda went in a reversal order. The one good thing is that he is a good kid, and they are getting married later this month.
I was just thinking about how one little choice can have such a huge consequence... Sometimes it's good, sometime it's bad. This one ended up being a bad one.
Looking at my life right now with that perspective that one little decision, that looks simple and easy enough, could end up changing your life. Teasing that one person for a few minutes just because you had a bad day and your taking it out on them could lead to horrible consequences. Worse case scenario is that they become your boss, or they are already having a horrible day planning their own death or something and you set them off (Your consequences probably wont end up that big but you never know).
This was just some of the things I was thinking about lately. I've also been thinking about some of the same things other people have already talked about so I won't dwell on them. But when my family got home from church today we found out my older sisters car window had been smashed into pieces. Her car is an 81 Pontiac. It had windows that go from the front of the car into the back so their was a lot of glass. We don't know what happened because nothing is missing and nothing is in the car that isn't supposed to be.
The point is that so many bad things are happinging in the world. Will we ever be able to be free of them? Probably not for a long time. Maybe to make this world seem a little better is to love each other. Stick together and maybe we can get through this horrible, horrible world.

I love this quote and it kinda fits... "Life is about change, sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both."