Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is it just because it's almost Valentines Day?...

So this year I've been going out beyond room 171 and the auditorium and finding new people I've never met before. And then after helping out with Mr. Mountain View I finally am in love with about 6 new guys whom I've gotten to really know and enjoy hanging out with. But on the other hand it totally sucks because I usually end up likeing guys that either don't like me back or that aren't the type of guy to persue the liking thing and I'm still alone. The closer it gets to Valentines Day the worse it gets. It's not like I care about Valentines Day that much. For the most part it's just because I see so many couples that I just want that too. Plus all the married couples especially the ones that aren't much older than me are EVERYWHERE. Ok I don't want to be married but I do definately want that love of a guy. So yet again I spend another Valentines Day alone. I hate that holiday, execpt for getting cute and everyone wears pink and red. I love those colors...


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