Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just Keep on Moving...

So I know recently a lot of people have been talking about the end of the year. It makes me sad to know that some of my newest best friends will be leaving. It's a vicious cycle of making friends and loosing them. You get to be good friends with the seniors and before you know it their gone. I know I won't loose you guys as friends we'll still talk, but it wont be the same as seeing you guys everyday and going on our crazy adventures on the weekends.

I was also thinking about what my life will be like next year. I can't even picture myself as being a senior. I still think of myself as a little girl. But then it dawns on me, your a junior with only 3 terms until your a senior. 3 more terms until you really have to start worrying about what you want to do after High School, 3 more terms until you'll be the top of the school. I hope I'm not the only one that has these fears.

I wish I could just stop time and keep everything as it is. But I can't and after time passed I wouldn't want it to be the same. Life just has to keep moving. We need to roll with the punches. Because it will hopefully all end up right.